Monday, July 23, 2012

Updates 7/23/12

Hello everyone.

We've got a bit of info coming in from Charles and Kate today, as well as some things I've found. 

--First up is the video from Charles. This is by JRoz, a livestreamer in Rochester who had his equipment confiscated. Right before it goes black at the end, some guy in a suit tells JRoz he's going to use the video to prosecute everyone involved. Have a look. 

Next up we have two articles from Kate. Kate's been keeping a careful watch on the events unfolding in Anaheim, and found some background info. 

-- Stories are swirling in the CM about police attacking protesters in Anaheim. Police shot rubber bullets into an unarmed crowd and released an attack dog on a mother and her child. We've all heard plenty about this so far, but the CM has neglected to mention one important thing: why they were protesting to begin with. As it turns out, the unarmed man shot by police after being handcuffed is nowhere near the first person in Anaheim to have this happen. People tell stories of a young man being killed by police while walking his grandmother to the car, and of at least half a dozen other police involved shootings. What's going on here? Racial tensions are nearing a breaking point due to police seemingly targeting Black and Hispanic people. Families are distraught and lashing out at unnecessary deaths. And police are shooting rubber bullets at little kids. Land of the free....

-- Lastly today, Tampa is again ramping up "protection" for the Republican National Convention. They are working hard to clamp down on protests, limiting items people can carry, and there is speculation of use of heavy handed tactics. 


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