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Updates 7/16/12

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I think I'm going to stop apologizing for writing this late, and just say that posts will likely show up around noon (central time) from now on. With so many things going on, it only makes sense to work things in when I can, right?

Charles sent a video last night. It's a live-streamed recording by CourtneyOccupy, from yesterday. Elaine Brown speaks with Occupy at their OO GA. Charles recommends starting at the 27 minute mark. (Thank you Charles! You're an amazing help, and you always send the most interesting things!)

Here's that link:   

-- HSBC Holdings Plc has given Occupiers two weeks to respond to their lawsuit, which requests permission to evict them from their nine-month Occupation. Occupy-style protests have spread throughout many diverse Asian communities, including Seoul, Taipei, and Tokyo. In this case, Occupiers were asked to leave of their own accord on May 29 in order for the bank to hold "community events," but did not do so. It seems they do not plan on leaving this time, either.

-- Occupy LA was brutally attacked by police at the Art Walk for simply chalking on the sidewalk, an act being called "defacing public property" by police. Videos have been released showing a man holding a skateboard who is shot with a "non-lethal" round, then being pushed to the sidewalk. Occupy LA says the man was kicked by police, and that his face was smashed into the pavement. This article provides two of the videos and says they don't see the proof of a kick or brutality. Judge for yourself by clicking the link.

-- Occupy London wants people to know about LIBOR, and they're sick of everyone downplaying the importance of one of the biggest bank scandals in history. One of Britain's major banks, Barclays, was apparently heavily involved in the scheme. They also sponsor bike panels throughout the city. In an effort to get the news out to the busy citizens, Occupiers have taken to stickering the bikes with information about LIBOR. While it may seem small, the bikes are seen by thousands of people every day, giving a big audience to a small response.

-- In Chicago, teachers cannot strike unless more than 75% of the union votes to do so, thanks to a law passed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Last month, 90% of teachers voted for that strike, with less than 2% voting against it. These teachers could be the first step in re-invigorating the American Labor Movement. How? This article from The Guardian UK gives all the details, including how surprised legislators were to see that teachers aren't always pushovers.


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