Sunday, July 22, 2012

Updates 7/22/12

Hello everyone.

My mother had an emergency last night, so I was up until roughly five this morning. I need to get my sleep schedule back to normal pretty soon, but it seems like things just aren't ready for that to happen. 

I've noticed a trend in line with what I was talking about yesterday. It seems the first CM site to condemn Occupy is almost always the Examiner. I've got three "stories" from them today, just to show this point. The first two were posted less than four hours apart. 

This first one was posted yesterday afternoon at around two. It says that no connections between the Colorado theater shooter and OWS has been found, and that any links are tenuous at best. 

The second one was posted around six yesterday evening. Its title is "More signs point to James E. Holmes having been Occupy 'Black Bloc' member."

Do these people have their facts straight at all?

Here's the third Examiner article. Appearing on no other news networks, the Examiner apparently found this clown in Seattle, who was pretending to shoot police and calling them names. One of the people quoted in the article wonders if the clown may actually be a trained shooter, due to how he is holding his hand and elbow.

In other news...

-- Occupy Rochester was blocked in by police while marching yesterday evening, leading to the arrests of 18 people. Even after being menaced by police smacking their batons threateningly and dispersing pepper spray, much of the group pushed past the police to continue their march. (Thanks, Kate!) 

-- President Obama is visiting the SF Bay Area, and Oakland activists are readying to protest for multiple topics. The President isn't the only one visiting the area though. Mitt Romney will be stopping by soon as well, and protesters are expected to show up for him as well. 


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