Monday, July 2, 2012

Updates 7/2/12

Hello everyone. 

I'm in a bit of a hurry today. I have to be at the University ready to teach soon. So this is short.

Also, many thanks to Charles for sending me a flurry of information yesterday. It will definitely be useful.

-- Police arrested 28 protesters yesterday in Center City in Philly. The Corporate Media has barely any details, but OpEdNews was able to speak to some of the Occupiers involved. They found that police actually kettled the protesters using their bikes. Livestreamers may be being targeted during the National Gathering, and city officials are worried about Occupy possibly disrupting 4th of July festivities.

-- Officials in Arizona believe that Michael Marin may have fatally poisoned himself when he was found guilty of charges stemming from arson of his own mansion. Authorities are testing the water bottle he brought with him and conducting an autopsy, but the results won't be available for months. Marin was a former Wall Street trader. You can read more about him and his trial at the link.

-- The barricades around the famous Charging Bull statue in NYC must come down, says NYC's Community Board 1. The group says that the barricades are dangerous and force tourists to stand in the street to take photos. The barricades were put up in September, during the OWS protests.


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