Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Updates 7/17/12

Hello everyone.

Today is short, and brought to you by my good informant Charles. 

As for me, I've been on the phone all morning arguing with (Who else?) Financial Aid...

I hate Financial Aid. They never have any idea what is going on. And they still haven't given me that scholarship that I won in February, so I "owe" them money (meaning they owe themselves money), which is the problem.

Anyway, here's the news, both stories provided by Charles, as I said earlier.

-- Bloomberg and the NYPD are adamant about saving the "Stop and Frisk" program, regardless of how racist their tactics are. 

-- This second one is a video of the occurrences at Bohemian Grove. Every year, the rich and powerful head to this little area to have a closed meeting. This year, protesters joined in.


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