Sunday, July 8, 2012

Updates 7/8/12

Hello everyone.

My wrists are recovering, albeit slowly. Better slowly than not at all, right?

-- Occupy the Farm members cut open a lock on the Gill Tract yesterday, entering the area to harvest the crops they sowed earlier in the year. Police looked on while the Occupiers gathered cucumbers and squash to donate to local food banks. Later, they deposited inedible lettuce on the doorstep of the Chancellor's on-campus residence. Occupiers say that the university did not care for the crops they sowed, and wouldn't allow them to do so either. The group decided to harvest the crops after hearing of a secret harvest to be held by the city of Albany, which the city then cancelled. 

-- For those of you who want to buy American-made products, but have difficulty finding them, the HuffPost has an article for you today. Titled "10 Products Surprisingly Still Made in America: 24/7 Wall St.," it's exactly what it sounds like.

-- Here's a great article about media blackouts, and goes right along with what I've been complaining about for months. The author actually gives examples and displays how media blackouts and government shushes are a systematic use of discrediting protesters.


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