Saturday, July 14, 2012

Updates 7/14/12

Hello everyone.

I had to attend that Symposium yesterday, and all seemed well until I got home and realized I had gotten sick again. I slept for twelve hours straight, and now I'm still a painful, shivery mess. Oh, well. We'll see how I feel later today.

-- (From Charles) Who has a hand in destroying the economy? This article gives you some of the people who are "helping" destroy the global economy.

-- The Art Walk in LA turned bad after police decided to arrest protesters who were drawing chalk art on the sidewalks.

-- Occupy Santa Cruz is back, and the police are right on their heels. 

-- Police raided the apartment of an Occupy organizer in Seattle as part of an investigation. He describes what happened here.

-- Another officer with the NYPD is facing charges after the department caught multiple officers stealing guns and equipment and selling them on the street.

-- How does OWS feel about the mistaken DNA link to a murder? Disappointed? Of course. Pissed? You bet.


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