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Updates 7/15/12

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For some reason, my internet connection is being very sporadic, which is both frustrating and annoying. I'm going to post what I've found today, and hopefully everything will work okay for you. 

I'm sorry this is so late today, as well. I didn't get to sleep until around 3 this morning. Also, I found today that the blog has officially broken 20,000 unique page views. Thanks for that, everyone. :)

-- Former Mayor Ed Koch (of no relation to the Koch brothers) has given an interview to the Washington Times concerning his ideas about what is happening in the country today. He talks about OWS and the Tea Party, the President, and Ron Paul. It's short, but his views on some topics are quite interesting.

--  The Green Party has picked their Presidential nominee, this time a doctor who once ran against Mitt Romney for governor of Massachusetts. This is the first time in 11 years that the party has qualified for federal matching funds. The candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, is quoted as saying, "You don't get democracy by silencing the voice of public interest."

Here's what's happening in the rest of the world.

-- Protesters in Mexico took to the streets of Mexico City in the thousands as the results of the election came back. At least 5,000 people flooded the streets with allegations of vote-buying by the winning party, calling for the Electoral Court to challenge the ruling.

-- In Madrid, hundreds of protesters came out in force against the wage cuts and tax increases included in austerity measures for Spain. The country is in a recession, and unemployment is close to 25 percent. Civil servants were some of the hardest hit by cuts, with a 5% loss to their wages. The retirement age is also being raised.

-- Indian citizens are braving the streets to protest for rights and protections for women, bolstered by the recent molestation of a young girl in the streets of Guwahati, and the attack on a female MLA of a ruling party in a hotel. The culprits remain free in both cases, prompting alarm for many residents. They want the government to provide protection, arrest culprits immediately, punishment for the police who failed to aid people, and action against a local journalist for instigating the attack.

-- In Mali, rumors are swirling about protesters being whipped in public after extremists attempted to intimidate locals. According to some reports, a woman was whipped while carrying her infant for not wearing a proper veil, causing the baby to fall and sustain critical injuries. The leaders of the radical group have denied the occurrence, saying it is only an attempt to smear their government. 

-- An Israeli man has severe burns on over 80% of his body after he set himself ablaze with gasoline during a protest in Tel Aviv. Leaders of the protest groups call his actions "an extreme act of a person broken by the cruelty of the system." The country's welfare system collapsed some time ago, leaving the poor and defenseless to fend for themselves. Daphni Leef, one of the movement' founders, said that "the government does not care for its citizens." 


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