Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Updates 7/11/12

Hello everyone.

Let's add a little more craziness to this week, shall we? My wife broke a tooth, so we're on our way to an emergency dentist's appointment. So appointment today, judging Friday, wedding Saturday, and next week going to help my mom. Whew. Starting at the end of the month, I may even be heading into grad school early to help out if they need me.

Needless to say, today is a short day.

-- There has been a DNA link found between a 2004 murder and an OWS protest, but speculation is heavy that it may have been a fellow student or even a cop, not necessarily the murderer.

-- (Thanks to Charles again for this.) The Occupy National Gathering has provided a sort of list of visions, provided by hundreds of Occupiers who participated. 

-- Occupy Eugene is facing off with police today, as they've been asked to leave or be removed. 

-- The City of Oakland may be teaming up with Occupiers in a battle against Goldman Sachs. (It's actually really interesting. I recommend taking the time to read the whole thing.)

-- Despite opposition from activists and the community, Albany has okayed the development plan for UC land.


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