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Updates 8/1/12

Hello everyone.

Holy crap it's August. *panics* I'm not ready for it to be August yet! Oh, dear...

So I'm sure many of you can imagine that my face hurts at the moment. I had two teeth fixed yesterday. The injection sites hurt worse than anything else. The even more fun thing is that I have to go back next Tuesday to get a filling drilled out and replaced. It moved on me, and my dentist believes it may be decaying under it. I agree with him. That tooth has been hurting so badly. 

Moving on to the news. We have plenty of links today again. Charles and Kate both have been helping me find so much information. It's so helpful, especially on days like this, where I want to go crawl under a rock and hide until the pain relievers kick in.

From now on, you are going to see little "name-tag" sort of things in front of a story. What they mean is that person contributed the link that follows the synopsis. For example, if you were to see something like [Sebastian] followed by a story, you would know that Sebastian sent me the link. (That would be quite a feat, considering Sebastian is my dog.) In the majority of cases, I am still the person writing the story, but the base link is provided by someone else.

On to the news!

-- Anonymous is downright outraged. There is no other way to put it. In February, a company in France quietly put a trademark on Anonymous' logo and slogan, and they recently found out about it. The company in question has been selling gear with the logo on it in their eBay store. Anonymous has vowed to make them pay for what they've done.

-- Lt. John Pike, the famed officer who walked down a line of UC Davis students while unleashing a flurry of pepper spray, no longer works for the university. Pike was on paid leave since the November incident, but as of Tuesday, is no longer employed. The university could not discuss the removal due to privacy rules, and Pike himself also refused to comment. 

-- [Charles] It isn't that far off to see militarized police in Anaheim. According to this article, the Marines have activated several unique battalions in the past month. These battalions consist of specialized military police forces meant to quickly deploy and assist in training of new forces or drug trafficking and terrorism investigations. A conference later this month in Miami will display the new troops. Read more about what they will be doing here.

-- [Charles] Last Saturday, a group called RAMPS (Radical Action for Mountain Peoples' Survival) pulled off a very large demonstration in West Virginia, effectively shutting down the Hobet Surface Mine for three hours with a series of actions. The Mine had not upped security for some reason, even though they were well aware of the coming demonstration. 25 people were arrested, including at least three members of the press.

-- [Kate] Three Occupiers who were pepper-sprayed in September have filed suit against the City of New York, the NYPD, and several officers. The three were corralled on the sidewalk in orange netting when they were pepper-sprayed by Inspector Anthony Bologna, who lost 10 vacation days as a result of his violating rules by using his spray. The video of the event went viral, and the activists say they suffered serious, painful consequences from the incident.

-- [Kate] Have you heard of Less Wall, More Street? I hadn't, until Kate sent me a few links on it. Less Wall, More Street is a solidarity effort by two activists who are driving across the US, working to build solidarity and raise awareness "around issues of state targeting and social control." In the following links, you can visit their website, look at an interview with them, and even watch a video of one of their training sessions.

-- [Kate] What's been going on in Burlington may not be hitting the Corporate Media very hard, but it's pretty darned important. First off, protesters have been hitting the pavement against fracking and oil spills, quite literally. The "Human Oil Spill" was a startling sight to see, and Burlington isn't the only place people are protesting. This Truth-Out article talks about "America's Green Summer," and how these things affect all of us, no matter where we are.

Second, a quieter event happened in Burlington, and it needs some attention. At the Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers, not everyone was represented as they should have been. When the representatives from the Innu First Nation, indigenous people who live in the direct path of proposed hydroelectric dams, arrived to join the discussion, they were quickly turned away. They held a press conference outside instead, talking about how decisions have already been made, and they weren't invited. While they were forced out, a delegation of Chinese officials were welcomed in and given 15 minutes of floor time.

-- [Kate] On Labor Day Weekend, you can expect some pretty big events from all sides of the activism circuit. Check out this site, the People's Convention for Human Rights, to register and see what you can do.

-- Lastly from me, I found an interesting little piece concerning America's obsession with guns and comic book heroes. It doesn't exactly sound that neat, but give it a read. It points out a few unique flaws in our society. Look at it, and tell me what you think. It's titled "Deranged Angels of Self-Preservation."


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