Thursday, January 10, 2013

Updates 1/10/13

Hello everyone.

Let's get to the news. I'm still not well. This flu that is going around is a fierce little bugger. I had to reschedule some appointments and such. I could probably make it in, but the chance that I might make others sick gave me pause enough to reschedule.

-- [Chuck] Occupy has been accused of being involved with everything from terrorism to murder, and now groups are taking steps to ensure that this sort of bad journalism stops. 

-- [Chuck] Here's an appropriate photo that makes a lot of sense in the world today, even if we wish it didn't.

-- [Chuck] Ever wonder how much food goes in the garbage these days? It's a horrible amount, and shows that maybe we need to reconsider some of the issues we have.

-- Julian Assange has been asked to speak for the Oxford Union, a politically neutral debate society. This has caused some anger to flare among Oxford students, who are furious that a man evading capture for possible sexual assault would be asked to speak. 

-- Anonymous is petitioning the US government to recognize DDoS attacks as legal forms of protest, rather than the form of cyberterrorism that they are seen as now. The petition is available on the White House website.


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