Sunday, January 6, 2013

Updates 1/6/13

Hello everyone.

I was up much later than usual last night (and I suppose this morning) helping a friend with some personal issues and the like. I've only gotten a few hours of sleep, and what little I did get was broken up by the million sneezes that I kept waking up to. As for tomorrow, I'll be on the road again for a bit, not sure when yet, but it's likely that I won't have a chance to post the blog. Chuck took care of all the big news for today, so thank goodness for that. 

-- [Chuck] The Tax Policy Center (a nonpartisan entity) has examined the new tax codes released as part of the fiscal cliff deal and come up with some not-so-surprising results. It seems that the middle-income individuals will be paying proportionately more of their income than those who make much more. You can see full charts and explanations at the link.

-- [Chuck] Angry at the amount of corruption and lack of accountability that one small town is showing in the wake of the rape of a 16 year old girl, hacktivists have taken charge, revealing what the town is keeping hidden away.

-- [Chuck] 99GetSmart has an amazing collection of articles up today, ranging in topic from the fiscal emergencies and debt, to Greek scandals, to the American support of terrorism, and back to the bailouts. (I just had to read through almost all of them; they're that interesting.) 

-- [Chuck] Greenpeace's Save The Arctic campaign is taking off, but they need your help. if you sign their petition to declare a global sanctuary in the Arctic by February 11th, they will "plant your name and a Flag for the Future on the bottom of the ocean at the top of the world."

-- [Chuck] Keeping the environment in mind, check out this post by Occupy America's Diane Sweet. It's a video that we should all probably see, reminding us not only what is happening to our planet, but why it's our responsibility to fix it. It also helps us to remember the many who have given their lives in their attempt to save the world.

-- [Chuck] Lastly, now that the new year is upon us, what is going to happen to Occupy? Should we continue down the path we are on now, or work toward other goals? Here's an Op-Ed from Bryan Henry, attempting to answer those questions and many more. (While I'm not sure I agree with some of the ideas he brings forth, Henry does make some decent points.)


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