Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Updates 1/2/13

Hello everyone.

It's been a long day for me so far, especially considering that it technically started yesterday around 10 in the morning. Or, at least, that would be the last time I slept. I had to do a nice long drive around 4 in the morning to the airport, and I just got back a little while ago. I'm so so so tired, so today is just going to be from contributors.

-- [Chuck] Liberals and conservatives alike make great points when it comes to gun control, which can make it difficult to take a staunch side without some handshakes and concessions on both sides. But one well-known group has never compromised with anyone: the NRA. Why could this be? Are they really interested in firearm rights, or is it the money they're after?

-- [Chuck] Anonymous offers up their New Year's video as a call to change the world.

-- [Chuck] Yoko Ono supplied one of the best uses of the mainstream media so far. Seriously, take a look.

-- [Chuck] Al Jazeera has taken notice of the indigenous groups that are rising up in Canada under the Idle No More banner, and has plenty more information on the movement. 

-- [Gordon] For all you conspiracy theorists out there (I believe in some conspiracy theories myself, so don't get all wigged out by the term,) Jesse Ventura has been working to expose government secrets on his new show. One of the secrets he might have uncovered involves us Occupiers, and you might never believe what it is. If you want to hop straight to the Occupy info, pop in at about 35-36 minutes.


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