Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Updates 1/1/13

Hello everyone.

Happy New Year!

I'm very happy today to find out that the governor of North Carolina has finally pardoned the Wilmington 10. Although their convictions were overturned, no pardons were given until now. I had signed petitions and written a letter to the governor about it. I had lived in North Carolina before, and had hoped that they would do the right thing. 

-- [Chuck] Happy New Year from Chuck!!

-- [Chuck] Here are some New Year's wishes from WeAreChange!

-- [Chuck] Part of Idle No More, here is the amazing Ta'Kaiya Blaney. At 11 years old, she shows wisdom beyond her years.

-- [Chuck] Happy New Year to the Republicans, who according to this article got slammed after the vote on the fiscal cliff fix. Follow the link to find out where the concessions were made and what we're dealing with now.

-- Lastly, the couple that was caught with a bomb in their apartment are NOT related to Occupy, according to Occupy's public relations arm. Is this just another attempt to link Occupy to violent extremists?


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