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It's quite dreary out today, which seems to match my mood quite nicely.

-- [Chuck] Aaron Swartz was an Internet Freedom Activist, meaning that he went to great distances in order to try and make information available for all, even going so far as to sacrifice his own liberty to do so. Federal prosecutors chased after him so vindictively that it was almost certain he would be spending many years in prison for something done by many others. The only difference was that the government was already angry at him, because he fought back against SOPA and PIPA and internet censorship. Swartz often spoke about issues with battling depression. He was 26 years old when he committed suicide on Friday.

-- While this article is a little late, it does provide some information we haven't seen yet. Activists across the US have taken to protesting the Keystone XL pipeline, both at the construction sites and at the banks and government offices supporting it. It turns out that the activists aren't the only ones protesting. The Head of the EPA will apparently be resigning in protest of President Obama's likely support of the project. She will not be the Head when he signs his support, says a source.

-- Israel is at it again, this time detaining and questioning dozens of protesters from a protest camp on the West Bank. The Israeli government has decided that they will be building on the site, essentially cutting off Palestinians from their would-be capital of East Jerusalem. Other international leaders have decried the plan, as have the Palestinians who are protesting against it. 

-- [Chuck] Let's end today's news with a little humor. President Obama's second term has technically not yet begun, but he's already failed at it, according to Stephen Colbert. Watch here for a humorous take on how President Obama has messed up before he even started. 


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