Monday, January 21, 2013

Updates 1/21/13

Hello everyone.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! No one here says the Jr. part though. This is one happy day for much of America (still not all, but one day...) While I know that no one is perfect, including Dr. King, sometimes it is more important to remember the message that person left behind than to try and taint it with negativeness. So happy (late) birthday to Dr. King, and I hope his message rings true for all. 

-- [Chuck] Let's start off today with the speech that everyone remembers, or at the very least learned in school. This wonderful speech should remain in our hearts throughout the entire year, not just today.

-- [Chuck] Ever wonder how MLK wrote that speech? Here's a discussion about the imagination that went into it, but also a bit of talk about why this very public speech is so privately owned.

-- The last story we'll do about Dr. King today involves Occupy. This opinion piece offers their reasoning as to why they believe that, had he been alive, Dr. King would be at the forefront of the movement.

-- [Chuck] Here's a video that is a little disturbing when you really think about what it means. Occupiers had a wedding for Citizens United, which is totally allowed because of the personhood status of corporations. This only begs the question: does the spouse get half the company in a divorce?

-- Japanese employees had to be rescued from a building in Shanghai after a protest kept them confined inside at least overnight. The protesters were angry over reported increases in fines for being late. There was no word on whether any injuries occurred, but this may be evidence that relations between China and Japan are getting even more strained.

-- The second Palestinian protest camp has been torn down by Israeli security forces, but the Palestinian people say they will continue to fight back against the encroachment of Israel's government. The Israeli government has annexed the land illegally, according to the international community.

-- 99GetSmart has a slew of good articles available today, from the disclosure of the tax dodgers who use the Cayman Islands to discussions of Greece's finances and anarchists to prison labor and democracy. Have a look. It's definitely worth the time.


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