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Updates 1/17/13

Hello everyone.

We're going to have some news, then a talk about one of the articles. Also, Chuck sent some information about the gun restrictions and such. 

-- [Chuck] Gun activists and protesters alike throw the Second Amendment around constantly, arguing what it means and how it is to be interpreted. But I've never seen anyone ask why the Second Amendment was written to begin with. Here's a YouTube video that finally addresses that question.

-- [Chuck] Here's a direct quote from the email sent by Chuck:

 please send an email to your member of the House of Representatives, telling him or her to pass the gun safety proposals outlined by President Obama.

Earlier today, President Obama announced a series of executive orders on gun safety. However, the most important changes we can make to improve gun safety in America can only come with congressional action. These include:

Universal background checks whenever someone buys a gun, whether it is from a licensed dealer or a private seller;
Restoring the ban on military-style assault weapons, and a 10 round limit for magazines;
Improving access to mental health services;
Increasing funding for school security and safety
As President Obama himself said, "this will not happen unless the American people demand it." That means you.

Tell Congress: Pass the gun safety proposals outlined by President Obama.

The gun lobby has stood in the way of enacting common sense measures for too long. We finally have a chance to make a difference, but we need to help members of Congress find their spines.

Ask your representatives if they prefer getting an A rating from the gun lobby, or giving parents peace of mind when they drop their kids off for first grade.

I know my answer, I think I know yours, but make sure you know where your member of Congress stands.

Keep fighting,
Michael Miller, Daily Kos

(Just in case that link doesn't work, here's where it is supposed to take you.)

-- We've had a bunch of explanations about what Idle No More is, but I couldn't resist convincing you all to read this great piece about it. The title is simply brilliant. Head over to "The Idle No More Movement for Dummies, (or 'What The Heck Are All These Indians Acting All Indian-Ey About?')

-- This piece is also a must-read. This man, part of Occupy Oakland, was accused of being a Palestinian terrorist (who didn't even have the same name) by a break-away faction of the movement. All the man was actually guilty of was speaking out in favor of Palestine. The faction that accused him used baseless "evidence," but supported it so strongly that they left the movement in favor of keeping it.

This is what I wanted to talk about. 

It truly is ridiculous that in America (as with several other countries) one cannot speak up about the injustices they see in another country without becoming some sort of affront to the "Lord" or some form of terrorist. If you look closely at what is going on in Israel/Palestine right now, you can actually SEE the injustice. Israel wasn't supposed to build any more settlements that would possibly take away land from the Palestinian people. The Palestinian people already are struggling to survive in such a small area. (Yes, that is accurate. Go look at a photo of the Gaza Strip and the rest of Israel, then compare the numbers of Palestinians and Israelis. Look at those statistics using logic instead of emotion. If you don't see a problem there, go sit in a corner until you realize that you're being biased.) Anyway, the Palestinian people are struggling to hold on to what land they can so that they can survive. Here comes the Israeli government, pushing in to build another settlement, even with the leaders of other countries telling them that it is a bad idea. But they don't care. They want that land. So the Palestinian people are frustrated, and put up some tents to protest the building. And what do the Israeli officials do? They beat them up, tear down their tents, and get some bullshit excuse from their Supreme Court to do so (it'll attract terrorists my ass.)

Now, did you notice that I did not once refer to the Israeli PEOPLE? There is a reason for that... Because it isn't the Israeli people doing it. Accusing the Israeli people of being the ones to build these settlements or harm these people is ridiculous. Should they be out protesting to stop it? Of course. But the truth is that they are probably being fed just as many lies about their government as the American people are, and they believe it just as strongly. I did mention the Palestinian people, strictly because they took initiative out of their own frustration to set up the tents. 

I support the Palestinian people, but I also support the Israeli people. I do not support either of their governments, because both have proved that they are ineffective and sometimes downright cruel. 

That doesn't make me a terrorist. That makes me knowledgeable. That means that I know what is going on. I keep up. I read. I cry. I hope for an end to this stupid conflict that kills and maims so many. 

It just upsets me so much that we are so willing to let people die because we're told they are the bad guys.

What if WE are the bad guys for not doing anything about it???


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