Friday, January 4, 2013

Updates 1/4/13

Hello everyone.

I'm still suffering from flu-like symptoms, but my sore throat seems to be lessening. Since I'm still off my game (quite a bit... I feel like I could fall asleep standing up..) I'm letting Chuck bring us the news today.

-- [Chuck] The Keystone XL Pipeline has been getting loads of attention from us, but the media seems to think it isn't a big deal. So should you oppose the Keystone? And if so, why?

-- [Chuck] In the same line of thinking, fracking has been getting mass amounts of attention as well, even within the media. But still, many don't seem to understand why fracking is such a bad thing. Check out this site for more info on it.

-- [Chuck] Need even more reason to be against these ecological nightmares? Here's a short video to remind you of what we are fighting to save.

-- [Chuck] Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and with is it One Billion Rising. This organized event is a massive display against rape and rape culture, and everyone should get involved.


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