Saturday, January 12, 2013

Updates 1/12/13

Hello everyone.

Once you get this flu, it feels like it takes weeks to go away. I know it hasn't been that long, but damn if it doesn't feel like it.

In other news, Chuck sent two links to me today that are surprisingly on track with the happenings in my area. The first is a link to a petition demanding that President Obama put an immediate ban on fracking. While this is relevant for many people, a few days ago we had a 2.7 earthquake almost directly over a fracking site in a nearby town. Fracking in this area is likely to end up being disastrous.

The second relevant link has to do with the increasing changes in weather patterns across the globe, and how this is affecting all of us. Why is this relevant to me? Because right now, it is a beautiful 62 degrees Fahrenheit outside. It really is a nice day. Yet tomorrow's high is in the low thirties, and there are talks of severe weather involving storms, snow, and ice tonight. I know this isn't the deadly form of severe extremes, but it easily proves to the people in this area that something isn't right. We used to have an actual winter around here. Not anymore. 

-- [Chuck] Idle No More continues to grow, and now there is this brilliant song "Red Winter," performed by Drezus, a Native who is tired of watching his people be taken advantage of. 

-- is being its usual paranoid self as the website attacks the new Oakland teacher's group called TEACH, or "Transform Education, Abolish Capitalism, and Heal." They accuse the group of wanting to indoctrinate children to socialism and use them to achieve left wing ideals. (On another matter---Why so scared of socialism anyway, Townhall? You say you're afraid of losing freedoms, but could it be that you are actually afraid of equality? Wouldn't want other children to be on equal ground with yours now, would you?)


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