Sunday, January 20, 2013

Updates 1/20/13

Hello everyone.

The news today is short. Hope you don't mind.

-- [Chuck] Are you a Nebraska citizen who doesn't like the idea of the TransCanada pipeline knocking on your back door? Or just an American citizen who feels the same way? Check out this site, started by Nebraskan farmers who want to protest their state and country from this disastrous pipeline.

-- [Chuck] Rush Limbaugh isn't exactly difficult to make fun of, but some people do it better than others. (Me? I just point out the facts about him, completely destroying his credibility -- if he had any to begin with, that is.) Stephen Colbert does a pretty good job here, making a mockery of Limbaugh and Steve Doocy for their attacks of President Obama's recent approach to gun laws.

-- Another large group has stepped out in support of Occupy's criticism if the extremely rich. Oxfam, which receives much of its charity money from the super-rich, has determined that these people are part of the problem, rather than the solution. (Personally, I say this is a brave stance to take for a charity that relies so heavily on therich. It basically says that Oxfam is more worried about actually ending extreme poverty than they are pleasing their donors. Go Oxfam!)


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