Saturday, January 5, 2013

Updates 1/5/13

Hello everyone.

I keep writing 2012, and having to backspace or write in a three over the two. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'll still be doing this in months though. For some reason, I kept writing August as the month all last year. I wonder which one I'll get stuck on this time. 

Also, I heard a fun bit of trivia for us yesterday. Did you know that 2013 is the first year with all unique numbers (no repetitions) since 1987? I thought that was actually pretty neat.

On to the news.

-- [Chuck] Chuck wants me to remind you all of one of my favorite news sources, RT America. If you are interested in checking out their segments, you can head over to their Youtube page. They have a bias like everyone else, but it is a lot easier to pick out the crap.

-- The Idle No More movement is taking its toll on Canada, as the group's protests have shut down one of the International bridges heading into the country. Aboriginal tribes have been promised a meeting with the Prime Minister. Future protests will likely shut down other roads and bridges as well.

-- In Northern Ireland, violent clashes took over the cities as over 30 Molotovs were thrown at police, causing at least nine to be injured. 18 people were arrested during the riot-type scene, which was a result of the country deciding not to display Britain's Union Jack flag year-round anymore. 

-- Occupy Madison is making their voices heard as an advocate for the homeless in a new plan to provide low-cost housing for those who need it. The group is attempting to get a loan from the city, but are already facing issues with concerns from other local businesses and following strict city ordinances. 

-- Pakistani tribesmen shut down a city market entirely yesterday in a mass protest against the drone strikes perpetrated by the American military. The tribesmen say innocent people are being killed. They are also angry about the death of a local "warlord," who they considered to be part of the "Good Taliban" because he attacked Americans rather than other Pakistani people. It should also be known that the country of Pakistan does not approve of the drone strikes either, calling them counter-productive and a violation of Pakistan's sovereignty. 


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