Monday, January 7, 2013

Updates 1/7/13

Hello everyone.

I have a little time before I have to head out, so it looks like you get the news today anyway!

-- Occupiers in London are moving down to a local level for a change in a bid to prevent the city from destroying an "Adventure Playground." The area has play supervisors on hand to ensure safety, but the city will be removing their jobs after they demolish the current equipment and install new. Occupy London has made the park into an encampment, and are asking other members of the public to join in and save both the jobs and this special park.

-- [Chuck] It seems that, in general, the human race is very good at one thing: killing each other. Now we're using technology to make our deaths more efficient. (If you don't find that statement a little bit icky, you've been desensitized.) We already use drones to kill hundreds overseas, but now developments are in the works to make actual "Robot Wars," where our soldiers are all metal, as discussed in this video. And as Chuck says, why can't we just "Give Peace a Chance?"

-- We've been talking about the FBI documents for quite some time now, looking at the meaning behind them and trying to understand why our government would act in such a way toward its own civilians. Here's an opinion piece about the whole shebang in which the author seems to believe we're all mistaken about the FBI. According to him, the documents don't provide evidence of the FBI crackdown on free speech. He also seems to forget about the whole assassination bit, too.

-- [Chuck] Worrying about GMOs in your food? That's not the only issue these days. Your food may be irradiated--yep, zapped with gamma radiation as a "sterilization" method. Reports show that foods zapped with gamma rays can go a month without rotting, but that vitamins are lost, and many aren't even sure how this sort of thing affects us. Irradiated food is supposed to be labeled, but only in certain circumstances. This means that beyond growing your own food, it could be almost impossible to find out if your food has been zapped.

-- Let's end today with a bit of humor. Here's a little article titled "5 Bad Guys the Conservatives Mislabeled as Liberals." It's humorous, and has an example of the opposite happening as well.


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