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Hello everyone.

It seems I have caught a second round of the flu, or a different strain of some sort. I was feeling much better, but then I woke up today unable to even talk for a few minutes because I hurt so bad. I just have to keep fighting it off. It's just so frustrating, since I did get a flu shot and all. Anyway, I feel like death, so we're letting Chuck bring us the news.

-- [Chuck] Researchers have now confirmed that the Keystone XL pipeline, and others like it, have devastating effects on the environment. The tar sands oil is likely the world's dirtiest, and can cause severe damage. Previously, the pipeline companies have been trying to say the environment issues could have been "naturally-occurring," but there is no chance of that now.

-- [Chuck] This petition from CODEPINK urges senators to reject President Obama's nomination of John Brennan to the head of the CIA, or at the very least ask him some tough questions about his involvement in the wars and drone killings. 

-- [Chuck] Noam Chomsky is a famous linguist and political analyst who has really good ideas for politics (don't get me started on his linguistics though.) Here he discusses privilege, and why that privilege involves responsibility and moral duty.

-- [Chuck] This is a direct quote sent to me by Chuck:

Tonight on OPN- 7:30pm EST  The ChristChurch Fiasco and it's implication for Hurricane Sandy Region

Beginning at 7:30 OccupyEye will be showing us footage from his recent trip to New Zealand's Christchurch area, which was devestated by earthquakes from 2010-2012.  Following will be a live in-depth interview with former investment banking lawyer and psychotherapist turn author Sarah Miles whose book "The Christchurch Fiasco..." details the failure of the government, aid agenices and insurance companies to provide the required relief and assistance to the region.  This failure has been part of an attempt to leverage the disaster for profit.  Sarah has observed many similarities between this evolution and the post Sandy hurricane environment in the NE US. 

This show is a warning call for what might be happening in the Sandy region as we speak.  We hope it will be educational and raise awareness of the population that leads to proactive action and accountability so the story will not be repeated.

Hope to see you there!

The OPN Team


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