Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Updates 1/8/13

Hello everyone.

Everyone in the house has some sort of awful flu thing, so we're going to make the news short and to the point. I'd like very much to go back to bed.

-- [Chuck] Idle No More is preparing for their International Day of Action. For more details on how you can join in or support them, follow the first link. For a film describing who the people of Idle No More are and why they are standing up, follow the second link.

-- [Chuck] The 113th session of Congress is about to begin, and RootStrikers is working to welcome the new Congresspeople with a new series called "Corruption Isn't Funny."

-- [Chuck] Anonymous isn't ready to allow the accused rapists in Steubenville to get away with their crimes. Here, a member of Anonymous goes on Democracy Now! to discuss the case and what they're doing to help.

-- In China, protesters are fighting back against the government's oppressive censorship laws, and their struggle is getting worldwide attention and plenty of support.

-- Between three and eleven Saudi Arabian women are being detained against their wills at prisons and "Social Welfare Homes" (similar to senior centers and nursing homes, if I recall correctly) after they were taken into custody for protesting the extended detainment of their relatives.

-- The fight against Keystone is still ongoing, and Anonymous is rejoining the battle. Recently, at least  activists were arrested for gluing themselves together (with superglue on their hands, which officers then ripped them apart) and chaining themselves to the pipeline. In the first link, Anonymous provides tons of info about the companies behind Keystone, and the second link details the superglue protest story.

-- [Chuck] Lastly, here's something extraordinarily relevant and outrageous.


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