Thursday, January 3, 2013

Updates 1/3/13

Hello everyone.

It's so strange to write 2013. Tax time is coming up, but at the very least we aren't falling over some imaginary cliff made of fiscal irresponsibility.

-- [Chuck] The President has officially signed the NDAA for 2013, disappointing human rights groups around the world and country. The new NDAA restricts prisoner movements from Guantanamo, making it more difficult to close the prison as originally promised. 

-- [Chuck] It seems that there are some people who take the NRA seriously, no matter how crazy the suggestions. Teachers from over 15 states, mostly from high schools, have applied to join a new training program about having guns in the classroom, which they seem to believe would lessen bloodshed.

-- Ever since Occupy began, faulty links began cropping up connecting the movement to extremist actions and in one case, a murder. But all of these links have fallen through. Now Occupy is asking that we petition the NY Post for honesty in journalism, thanks to the recent connection made to the couple with a bomb. 

-- Who does the FBI really work with? Here's an interview with the leader of the International Action Center concerning what they have seen with the FBI and Occupy, as well as the history of where the FBI stands.

-- [Chuck] Here's a cartoon I can't help but agree with.


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