Sunday, May 13, 2012

Updates 5/13/12

Hello everyone.

It's hard to believe that I now write this blog as a college graduate. I never believed I would live this long, let alone make it this far.

On to the news. 

-- Our own newspaper down here in Southern Illinois has an interesting take on Occupy and Bank of America. (This paper is usually extremely conservative, to the point that the editor almost always refuses to print anything that could make our university be seen in a negative light---even when it deserves it.)

-- Members of Occupy Chicago got together last night in a warehouse to discuss final plans for the Summit next weekend. Over two hundred participants attended the meeting, which is part of the two day "People's Summit" meant to bring Occupiers together in opposition. Dozens of the Occupiers who are already in Chicago have flown or bused in from across the country, including Vermont and San Francisco. 

-- Europe is in an uproar again, as across the continent Occupiers make a stand. In Spain, thousands upon thousands of people took to the streets, many using the slogan "They say it's Democracy but it's not." In London, roughly a dozen were arrested after pitching tents outside the Bank of England. In Greece, many protesters are becoming wary after it has been reported that Neo-Nazis are patrolling the streets. In Russia, hundreds still remain in the plaza protesting the presidential election and police crackdowns. 

-- Occupy the Farm may have agreed to leave the Gill Tract, but that doesn't mean everyone will go quietly. Protesters turned down an offer from UC Berkeley to meet and discuss how to use the Tract for both research and urban farming. They say that for UC to offer this discussion now is a "cynical move," due to the fact that many previous attempts had been made to have the same discussion and always ended in disappointment and frustration. Community members have been trying to work with UC for over 15 years, to no avail. UC Berkeley admits that one of the reasons they are offering now is because the farming has actually been started by Occupiers. 

-- Oakland officials are tired of dealing with vandals who associate themselves with Occupy, and are now turning to the public to ask for help. They are asking that anyone with photos or video of the vandals, who break windows and spray paint graffiti on private property, to please send any evidence to their email. They have an investigator reviewing the footage in order to catch these select few who cause harm to local businesses and innocent people, according to a council member. 


Thanks to all who read and encourage me. When rough times hit, I remember that I have a lot of people who count on me to work hard and help others. Giving up is not an option. I hope you all help me remember that. 

You mean the world to me. 

To my good friend Aaron- It means a lot to me that you think so highly of me. I had no idea until you pulled my mother aside at graduation to tell her so. I may be going into Sociology, but I'll always be a Linguist. You will too. There were a lot of times when I felt like giving up, and you sat down with me, even though you didn't have the time or energy, and talked me through it. Having friends like you in my life is just as important as anything I can do for myself. I do hope to be able to visit you soon. I'm so proud of you for persevering through everything that has happened to you. We all have our struggles, both internal and external, and we all deal with them in our own way. You're an inspiration to me, and a damn good friend. 

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