Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Updates 5/15/12

Hello everyone.

My brain is in a bit of a fog this morning, probably due to my sinuses/allergies. I can't say the letter 'n' and my wife is giggling at me. At least I can type it! :)

On to the news.

-- Occupy the Farm was raided yesterday by police at the request of UC Berkeley officials. The police, dressed in riot gear, arrested two of the individuals for trespassing, while seven others were arrested for unlawful assembly. Berkeley officials say that the garden planted by Occupiers had prevented research on corn from going ahead as planned. Some Occupiers pledged to return and continue the fight for the garden.

-- A Moscow Court has ordered police to break up and remove the now week-old Occupy protest of the Presidential election. The judge stated that there were many complaints by neighbors against the group for too much noise. Many of those complaining neighbors have gone on TV to say they believe the group is ruining their neighborhood, but some courageous bloggers have come out saying they recognize at least one of the people complaining. He is a member of the ruling party who lives nowhere near the protest.

-- One week after the North Carolina vote to ban gay unions of any kind, protesters are taking to the streets to fight back for equality. Many people who were too young to vote have joined the protests, saying that their voices didn't matter during the election, but they aim to make their voices heard now. The groups are promising to protest on the 14th of every month in support of equality for all. They have chosen the 14th day to represent the 14th Amendment, which offers equal protection for all. 

-- Occupiers in Gainesville were surprised last October when they were arrested for trespassing while standing next to a monument to the First Amendment. Now they are fighting back against the charges. At least 20 Occupiers are arguing for their cases to be thrown out, citing Free Speech and the fact that they were protesting on a public plaza. Their attorney says that without some sort of compelling argument towards sanitation or safety, the city has obviously infringed on Freedom of Speech.

-- In Chicago, several stories are cropping up. Eight Occupiers were arrested on Monday when they protested at President Obama's campaign headquarters. Several protesters used escalators and elevators to reach the floor where the offices are, but many were stalled when security shut down the elevators. Most filed out peacefully, but the eight volunteered to be arrested after a short statement. 

-- Occupy Chicago has started a Kickstarter-like fundraiser to raise money for the bail costs they no doubt will need. They are attempting to raise at least $10,000, which hypothetically could release up to 100 protesters who have bail set at $1,000. 

-- Hundreds of police officers are being shipped in from other cities to help the Chicago police force deal with the NATO summit protests. While Chicago has over three thousand officers at its whim, hundreds more are filing in from nearby (and far) cities such as Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Charlotte, NC. Officials will not confirm how many outside officers will be arriving, only that they will all be working under the Chicago Police Department. 


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