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Hmm.. I don't really have much to say today. I have a neat news story for you at the end, with a little bit of "Oh, I get it now," added in from me. :)


-- This short blurb comes from ABC Australia. This is the whole story in the link following.

For a few weeks earlier this month, Moscow was beginning to look like cities in the west, with its own occupy movement taking hold in a park in the centre of the Russian capital. But this protest was aimed at the political, not economic, sytem. At its peak thousands of demonstrators spent days protesting Vladimir Putin's return to power. But Occupy Moscow is now virtually finished. Barely 100 or so demonstrstors are holding on where they can, after constant arrests by police.

-- An Occupy Oakland protester was arrested Friday night on suspicion of vandalism after a window was cracked at a local bar. The protesters were reportedly banging on the steel bars protecting the glass when the window broke. The bar owner believes he may be a target during the anti-police marches because of the many police agency logos on the door. Interestingly, the man arrested was also at the protest over the arrest of the man who allegedly assaulted an officer at a meeting discussing the shooting death of an Oakland teen earlier this week.

-- IndyBay is once again at the forefront in releasing information concerned with police brutality. This time, they show the NLG's reports of brutality in Chicago, and detail what Occupiers have gone through during and after the NATO summit. A great quote from this article-- "NATO arrives everywhere violently. Chicago was no exception."

-- Truth-Out is posing an intriguing question... Has the FBI launched a war of entrapment against the Occupy Movement? If so, it wouldn't be the first time they've done so. They've used similar tactics against liberal movements and Muslim-Americans for decades. In each of the high-profile cases against Occupy thus far-the alleged "bridge bombing" and "terrorist Molotov cocktail" group, we've repeated heard that officers of some sort were involved but disappeared before lawyers could question or speak with them. The real question is, how far is the FBI willing to go to shut us all up?

--  The last story I have today involves China. Every year, the US releases a report on human rights in multiple countries, including China, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and on and on. Many times, the countries do not respond to the reports, but China has been for 13 years. This year's report was especially heavy-worded against China, since this is an election year. In 2009, China actually wrote a plan for human rights, in accordance with the UN policy. However, the US is still slamming China in reports, sometimes for obvious reasons. 

This time was different for China. This time, the Chinese government called out the US. They pointed out the huge double-standard that the US has for human rights, and Occupy stood at the front of their pack. They accused the US of ignoring their own human right violations. They pointed out that the US applauded the protesters in other countries, many of which have the same reform concerns as Occupy, but arrested, attacked, and beat their own. They accuse the US government of being "in part, authoritarian." 

For the first time, I understand why I have readers in China. At first, I thought, this is unusual, China usually blocks views of protests and revolutions. They don't want their citizens to get ideas for an uprising. Now, I get it. China is allowing their citizens to see the Occupy protests in America because they want their citizens to see what America is becoming. What they are doing to us. Why we aren't really "free," and what that means.

For the first time, I say, I agree with the Chinese government. (On this issue, at least.)

Read this article to see more of what the Chinese government, officials, and intellectuals have to say about America. Believe me, it's surprisingly spot-on.


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