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Updates 5/4/12

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If you haven't read yesterday's news, I ask that you please keep scrolling and do so. It's extremely important to me that people know about CeCe McDonald, and spread the news. Also, please sign the petition for CeCe found in the comment section of yesterday's news. I really appreciate it. 

-- According to Fox News, the failed bomb plot in Cleveland shows that Occupy has the potential for violence, regardless of Occupy's disavowing of the action. The article states that it seems the report by the Dept. of Homeland Security was "prophetic," in that people are willing to use the Occupy name for violence. They believe the angry rhetoric of some Occupy leaders has incited violence, and even went so far as to quote Dr. King at the end of the article. (Because apparently no other movement or institution has ever been co-opted for someone's own purpose. Better tell some of the angry Christian leaders to calm down, or else some abortion clinics might get bombed! ...Oh, wait...)

-- Here's a great article from IndyBay Media concerning the blind eye of the Corporate Media. They highlight how disconnected the CM is from reality, especially concerning Occupy events and how they seem to be "failing."

-- A judge in California is criticizing the Oakland Police Department. Judge Henderson gave the department 180 days to complete investigations against them, concerning the over 1,000 complaints lodged by citizens from October to February. Almost six months later, they haven't even found an external source to begin the investigations, as they haven't put the job out for bid. Several say this is further evidence that the police have not completed the reform they claimed to start roughly ten years ago, meant to help the department become a better and more fair institution. If the cases aren't investigated within a year, the statute of limitations will run up, leaving all officers in the clear, and unable to be charged, for what may potentially be police misconduct. 

-- In Atlanta, a sheriff's office reverted to dastardly tactics to evict a four generation family from their home. In an effort to avoid Occupiers, deputies swarmed the property at 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, forcing the family, which includes an 83 year old woman and 4 year old boy, out of the home. Only one Occupier was present at the time. The family's attorney says the sheriff should not have evicted the family due to pending litigation in the case. They even went so far as to remove the family's pets, and take them to the pound. 


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