Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Updates 5/16/12

Hello everyone.

It seems that the world is preparing for the Chicago summit. Raids, raids everywhere, and not a drop of free speech.

-- Interior Ministry troops raided the Moscow Occupy encampment at 6 a.m. local time today. Protesters were told yesterday to remove themselves and their belongings by noon today, but moved in six hours early, giving protesters only 5 minutes to retrieve their belongings. Many were dragged away without them, and some were held for over two hours. Occupiers tried to move to other planned areas of the city, only to find that police had formed a massive operation overnight, fielding every possible area with dozens of officers. Several dozen protesters were able to regroup in a park several miles away, but are being closely watched by buses of police officers. Officials have also charged the demonstrators with causing damage to the earlier park.

-- German officials and police raided the encampment outside the European Central Bank in Frankfurt this morning, carrying protesters and belongings alike away from the site. The ECB is set to do a conference concerning monetary policies, while several protest rallies are scheduled as well. Activists say they are simply trying to criticize the system, and are not being allowed to voice their concerns.

-- The last Occupy encampment in Ireland has been raided. Gardai moved in on Occupy Galway at 4:30 this morning, saying that Occupiers have prevented the use of the public square by others, and that there was a risk to the safety of the population and the Occupiers. One man was arrested for violation of a public order.

I'm going to move to doing links, as I'm running out of time this morning. 

-- Occupiers in Montreal left their encampment last night after facing threats of a raid this morning.

-- OWS asked a lot of questions of the Morgan Stanley CEO, some of which seemed to make him uncomfortable.

-- Montreal Occupiers faced almost 20 arrests after shutting down a bridge and blocking traffic.

-- One of the first major OWS trials has ended in an acquittal for the student photographer being charged.

-- Police in Chicago are raring to try out their new equipment, some of which may be harmful to your health.

-- A Chicago anti-deportation protest ended in arrests after Occupiers attempted to block the entrance to a court building.

-- Here's an opinion piece concerning Occupy's non-violence and the "Fuck the Police" marches.


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