Monday, May 21, 2012

Updates 5/21/12

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I'm not too surprised at what I saw this morning when I began my research for the news. What did I find? A resounding "not much." Regardless of the fact that thousands of protesters planted themselves firmly in the streets of Chicago last night, the top headline I've found (in Corp Media, anyway) is one that makes me want to tear out my hair.

"Occupy my Wedding?!"

There are multiple articles in the Corporate Media about how Occupy ruined a woman's wedding, by marching by the church on the way to the NATO summit. Realistically, the wedding itself was fine, it was the outdoor photos that were unable to be taken by the couple that apparently ruined their big day. This is the major story being run on what happened yesterday. Puts things in perspective... at least in the perspective of the idiotic media.

Anyway, smaller media outlets are running some different stories about yesterday's events, so let's have a look.

-- This article is damned interesting. It's a guideline for police, and how to distinguish between types of protesters, and what to do about them. It includes notes on styles of clothing, actions, chanting, and multiple other things that police should apparently "watch out for."

-- This Politico article details the 45 arrests from last night, and offers a view on what happened to police as well as protesters. It also provides supposed numbers of protesters at the events, placing it much lower than any other that I've seen.

-- Boeing is preparing for protesters, worried they might follow through on their plans to "shut down" the company. This article details the plans they've been working on to protect themselves.

-- CNN is trying to keep up with what's going on in Chicago, offering updates on information as often as they can. They're not entirely accurate, but they have interesting statements. 

-- Here's a "fun" article almost guaranteed to irritate any Occupier. It's titled "'Nonviolence' Explodes in Chicago," and gives Front Page Mag's point of view on why they think Occupy is anything but nonviolent. The writer sounds like a real pissant. Excuse my language. 


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