Friday, May 25, 2012

Updates 5/25/12

Hello everyone.

Today is Towel Day. If you don't know what I'm talking about, that's okay. If you do, high fives. :) 

My job interview is later today as well.

On to the news.

-- Quebec Officials are worried that the growing protests in Montreal will make their way to their side in Ontario. The student protests have been continually growing and fears that a mass movement could envelope Canada are not entirely unfounded, say officials. Students from across the country will be meeting at the Canadian Federation of Students next week in Ottawa, in an effort to discuss important matters, including student fees, tuition, and social inequality. 

-- Occupy Oakland dealt with a couple arrests on Wednesday after a meeting with police got loud and "out of control." Police were at a community meeting to discuss the police-involved shooting death of a teenager who they point out, "was armed a weapon and... was not shot in the back." Several groups attended the meeting, but reports say it was eventually ended because Occupy Oakland members were loudly heckling police and being disruptive. They then surrounded the police chief as he headed to his car, who called for back-up. One person spit on one of the officers, and another had a warrant out for his arrest. Both were taken into custody.

-- A dozen Occupiers were arrested in Portland Thursday evening, as they chanted and sang outside a post office. The protesters were demanding a full-service post office, as well as the resignation of the current Postmaster General. Roughly 80 people were in attendance of the event, but 10 stood inside the office holding banners and signs. 8 of the 10 identified themselves as being over 60 years old. After they made it clear they would not be leaving, they were arrested and loaded onto a police van.

-- This HuffPo blogger asks a very good question. Did the Chicago Police run over a man with a police van? Conservative bloggers say no, and supply footage that allegedly proves the man moved out of the way. This blogger says they may have, as the man they claim moves out of the way is NOT the same man who gets help later on. Watch and read for yourself. 

-- The Chicago Tribune is making a big fuss over their names. Apparently, the Corporate Media giant is attempting to shut down any Occupy media sources that use their name in the title, including and, even though both sites offer a disclosure that they are not in any way affiliated with the "real" Chicago Tribune. 


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