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Hello everyone.

I have an exam this afternoon, two tomorrow, and one Friday. Three days until I graduate. Is it normal for me to be so freaked out?


EDIT/UPDATE: My sources inform me that Occupy the Farm is being currently raided by police. (10 a.m. Central time)  Occupiers are being threatened with "chemical agents" and a bulldozer is present. Dozens of people are blockaded inside the Tract, as police have sealed all the exits. Those inside will likely have the so-called "chemical agents" used on them without being allowed to vacate.

-- Twitter is fighting back against a court-ordered subpoena that would call on the release of an Occupier's tweets. The judge ruled that the Occupier does not have the right to fight back against the order, since the tweets belong to Twitter. In return, Twitter decided they would file a motion to quash the subpoena themselves. According to the case, the Occupier was arrested for disorderly conduct after walking in the roadway. Officers and prosecutors believe that tweets from his old Twitter account will prove that he was not forced into the road by police, which is what he is claiming. 

(Personal disclosure: As a linguist, I'm no fan of Noam Chomsky. Maybe one day I'll tell you why. I do, however, believe he has fairly decent and interesting political ideas.)

-- This article is an intriguing look at Occupy from the eyes of Noam Chomsky, and also features a short stab at the media for under-reporting and flat out lying.

-- UC Berkeley has released a statement concerning Occupy the Farm, giving their demands and concessions. This letter comes out while UC Berkeley also examines legal methods of removing Occupiers from the land. It makes one wonder which direction they are truly interested in heading.

-- A Portland Occupier may spend up to a year in jail after he stole an American flag from a courthouse on May Day. The charge is federal theft, and police found the flag in the Oregon student's dorm room at Portland State University on Monday. The flag is worth less than $50. Police found the student after identifying him in a ustream video the day after the flag was stolen.

-- Want to get a little riled up? Read this. The author of this article claims that Occupy seems to be "above the law," and getting away with everything. With thousands of arrests, many on trumped up charges for absolutely nothing, that's news to me.


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