Saturday, May 26, 2012

Updates 5/26/12

Hello everyone.

So, my job interview was yesterday. They are waiting for my drug test and background check to come back now. They'll both come back clean, as long as they don't do what the last background company did, and look me up as some random woman in a state I've never even been through. But anyway, as soon as those come back clean, I'll be starting work. It likely will be between Tuesday and Thursday. I'll be up at the deli/bakery of a grocery store. Again. Good thing I like working the deli, huh?

My wife also had a second interview for a home improvement store yesterday. She has to wait for a call for a third, and hopefully last, interview, probably tomorrow or Monday. We just need work until school starts. After that, we're okay.

On to the news. First I have our general "this is what happened" type of articles... Then a few more sinister attack pieces on Occupy. You'll see what I mean.

-- Despite the massive crackdown against them by police, Russian Occupiers are still going strong and not giving up. They've been forced to move their encampment several times now. Since the first time the encampment was raided on May 16, police have been showing up and forcing a move every two or three days. Their numbers at any given time range between a few dozen to several thousand, but they are all protesting the same thing--Putin's regime. 

-- Of the 12 Occupy Minneapolis members fighting against a foreclosure by Occupying a residence, 5 were arrested early yesterday morning, after police sawed through chains and pipes blocking the doors. Occupiers marched on City Hall to complain that negotiations were taking place, so the raid was unnecessary. The Sheriff replied that there was "no proof" of negotiations, and that his office was carrying out orders from a housing court. He also stated that protesters were treated with respect.

-- A Thursday night protest led to the arrests of ten Occupiers in St. Louis, with five of the arrested facing charges ranging from the misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest, to two felony counts of assault on a police officer. Protesters say they were peacefully protesting. Police say that an officer was injured and a property manager was assaulted after confronting Occupiers about graffiti. Several attorneys working with the group are concerned about their clients who need medication, and are not getting the information they need to find out if their clients are actually receiving it. 

-- A London court has granted Occupiers only one week to find a lawyer and build a defense against their eviction from a park on the outskirts of town. Park officials say that the Occupiers have caused extensive damage to the park, with numbers around $30,000. Occupiers believe that the week is much to short a time to work something out, and that the amount of time given is an intentional blockade against their encampment.

-- The city of Tampa is preparing for the Republican National Convention, but in a different way than most. Tampa sent several of their officers to Chicago, not to be involved, but to observe how Occupiers protested. This article describes what several officers saw during the event, and what they may be expecting.

-- Texas is once again leading the way in cases of "WTF are they thinking?". Students in one Texas school district will now have to carry identification cards at all times, each card holding its own unique form of surveillance-- an RFID Microchip designed to track the student's whereabouts at any time, even allowing teachers and school officials to see who uses the restroom when and for how long. (I consider this a gross invasion of privacy. Apparently I'm not the only one. It seems the ACLU agrees.) Read more about how they plan to use these here:

-- Human Events, a conservative news/blogger site, claims that Occupiers attacked several officers and other people in St. Louis (see earlier story). They refer to Occupiers as "Thugs" in their report. To read more about this dredge, look here:

-- The last article for today is from Big Hollywood, which some of you might recognize as Breitbart's website before he died. (Too bad his drivel didn't go with him.) This article tries hard to claim that an Occupy protest against Romney's latest speaking event was actually arranged by Obama organizers. 


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