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Updates 5/20/12

Hello everyone.

Please forgive my absence. It was much longer than I expected. As soon as I reached my mother's town, I became ill, and kept getting worse as time went on. It turns out that they've been driving the streets fogging for mosquitoes on a regular basis, which is enough to trigger several of my health problems from all the chemicals in the air. I wasn't supposed to be back home on the train until late tonight, but yesterday my mother strapped my brother in the van, dragged me out to it, and drove me all the way (90 miles) home to make me get better. Aside from a few remaining issues, I'm feeling loads better.

I still don't understand why I jumped out of bed, wide awake, at 6:21 a.m. though. Especially since I didn't get to sleep until after midnight. I'll never understand the confusion that is my brain.

(This is just something funny I thought of earlier while looking at the weather for today.)
By the way- This is just funny to me. Hey! Hey North Carolina! See that big-ass storm over there? You know, the one that's likely ONLY going to hit you? Yeah... Maybe you should put two and two together there and think... Hmm... Maybe God doesn't like it when we take away people's rights. Aaaaannnyway.

On to the news.

There is no link for this, as I heard all about it from other Occupiers as I watched multiple streams last night. This is NOT confirmed yet, at least not by Corp Media. If you know it to be true, please let me know in the comments or email me.

-- Yesterday, livestreamers were ducking for cover and searching for places to hide after it was reported that Chicago police were raiding the apartments and rooms that livestreamers were supposedly staying in. Several people reported that police were allegedly confiscating recording equipment. Livestreamers were set up to meet in an undisclosed location before the march last night, but when a few arrived, they immediately backtracked and set off calling other streamers to warn them not to come, as groups of police officers were waiting for them. (Again, I do not know if this is accurate or not, but feel that it needs to be looked into. Why are they hunting streamers, if they actually are?)

-- Over in Oakland, the City Council is considering a ban on what they are calling the "tools" of protesters, including poles, hammers, and shields. They never directly mention Occupiers, by do supply the dates of major Occupy protests, leading many to charge that this is an Occupy-specific ban. If passed, having any of these items at a protest would immediately qualify as a misdemeanor, with up to a thousand dollar fine and six months in jail. 

-- In Maryland, Occupiers from around the nation are gathering in the small towns surrounding Camp David, and they are letting their voices be heard. Many of the activists are Ethiopians from across the United States. They say that the US supplies Ethiopia with the means to keep restricting the freedoms of the people of Ethiopia, and that it needs to stop. Police have been eyeing the protests, but so far have made no arrests. 

-- Earlier this week in Frankfurt, Occupiers were removed from their encampment, with some even being physically carried away by police. The Occupiers obviously weren't finished, regardless of what police said. Saturday, over 20,000 people arrived to rally against Europe's biggest financial hub, calling for blocking access to the European Central Bank. Roughly 5,000 officers were on site, but there are no reported arrests as of yet. 

-- The CM is abuzz about the arrests of three activists who were arrested for conspiracy to commit terrorism and providing material support for terrorism, as well as possession of incendiary or explosive devices. Originally, nine were arrested without charge,  but six were released. The three supposedly bought gasoline and poured it into beer bottles, cutting up bandanas to make fuses. According to their attorneys, it was actually two undercover police officers who created the bombs, and they lost track of them as the arrests occurred. According to a few sites, police have nothing to go on except for a "home-brewing kit," which they confiscated during the raid. Police apparently destroyed most of the belongings in the apartment where they were staying, ransacking the location in their search. Police believe the goup wanted to bomb Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home, and President Obama's campaign headquarters.

-- (This is included to show the sheer insanity of the Corporate Media, and how sometimes, it's pretty okay to have a good laugh at their expense.) According to the Washington Times, as well as numerous other media sources, there was no big deal in Chicago last night. I'm going to post a direct quote from this article:

"A group of Occupy protesters barely had enough members to occupy a small corner of Daley Plaza Saturday as they shouted anti-NATO slogans under the watchful eyes of dozens of police.
About 150 demonstrators marched into the plaza adjacent to City Hall in mid-afternoon to denounce the U.S. governmentNATO, the FBI and Wall Street. They carried signs with slogans such as “LBJ, NixonBush, Obama – Troops home now” and “No cuts, no austerity, tax Wall Street now.”"

Funny, I remember clearly seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the streets last night.

Be careful out there, everyone. Chicago Police are not well known for their kindness and clarity. At the risk of getting in trouble, I'd say they are some of the most hostile and least restrained when it comes to protesters. Watch your back. 


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