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Updates 5/3/12 - Cleveland and CeCe

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While the Corporate Media still has its eye firmly trained on Monday, I'd like to delve a little deeper into the events that unfurled in Cleveland. Afterward, I want to introduce you to a woman who needs your help. 

Five men were arrested in Cleveland on Monday as a result of an FBI sting. The men had bought phony "C-4 bombs" from an undercover agent and placed them on a local bridge. They were regulars at Occupy Cleveland events, often voicing displeasure at the lack of violence in Occupy's signature peaceful civil disobedience. Several of the men considered themselves anarchists, and one of them claimed to have a strong interest in The Anarchist's Cookbook. The book has many methods included in it which can cause destruction and chaos, from bomb building to lock picking. Occupy, of course, did not know of the plot to blow up the bridge. That hasn't stopped the media, or city officials, from blasting Occupy.

Cleveland Occupiers have been blamed for not knowing, for having an "open arms" policy towards members, and for supposedly "ignoring" what was happening. Because of this, the city has refused to renew their permit, and tore down their tent. It appears that the city is attempting to attack Occupy's inclusiveness, even though the FBI admits the men in question have been being watched for over a year. Even the plant the FBI used is an ex-con who was allegedly heavily involved with the plot. Here are some links where you can get more information:

The blame game is certainly being played here, and once again the innocent are being punished.

Speaking of the innocent being punished, I'd like to introduce you to CeCe McDonald.

CeCe is a trans woman who is going to prison for protecting herself from a murderer. I wish I was joking.

One night as CeCe was walking, she was approached by a group of much larger and older white men, one of whom was a known racist and had a swastika tattooed on his chest. The men taunted CeCe, and then surrounded and attacked her, puncturing her cheek so badly that they sliced through her salivary gland. Trans women are murdered so often in America, and CeCe knew this. Bleeding profusely from her face, she ran. The man with the tattoo chased her. At the end of the block, CeCe dug a pair of scissors out of her purse and turned to face him. While she held the scissors out in front of her like a shield, the man ran into them, impaling himself and dying from the injury. 

I'd like to say that the story ends there. I'd like to say that CeCe was "standing her ground," and that everyone agreed she was defending herself. I would be wrong. 

CeCe was charged with Second-Degree Murder. She was initially denied treatment for her injuries, and was segregated from the rest of the jail in solitary confinement, simply because she was trans. The judge in charge of the case threw out evidence against they man CeCe supposedly "murdered." He did not allow the swastika tattoo, the taunts of "faggot" and "nigger," or the man's hefty history of violent crime to be allowed into the courtroom. He talked down to CeCe. He allowed her bloody shirt and a bounced check to be used against her as evidence. When witnesses came up against CeCe, their criminal histories were not allowed to be questioned. This judge did everything in his power to make her look like the instigator and perpetrator in the case.

CeCe did what she could. This week, she accepted a plea deal of Second-Degree Manslaughter, with a likely 41 months in prison. 


Prisons are horrible places for trans women. They will often place them in men's prisons, which can be horrifying nonetheless. CeCe will either be in solitary confinement for her entire duration of prison, or will be bought and sold as a sex slave without her permission. She may (likely) even be brutally beaten, possibly to death.


I do not care if you think being transgender is wrong. That's not even the point here. The point here is that a human being who preserved their own life against someone who was attempting to take it away is being punished for it. 

My wife is trans. She is a beautiful person. If someone attacked her, I damn well pray that she has scissors in her purse. What is wrong with us that we let these things happen to beautiful people who are simply trying to live their lives? 

Support CeCe! Please, share this story today. I don't ask for much from my readers. I am asking now. CeCe needs help. We need to get this judge out of the courtroom before he hurts others with his bias and prejudice. 


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  1. A friend sent me this link to sign a petition for CeCe.