Monday, May 7, 2012

Updates 5/7/12

Hello everyone.

I don't know exactly what to do with myself right now. I've got exams to study for, kind of, but not really. I've pretty much studied myself to death and written all my papers. Now I'm waiting. Closing a huge chapter of my life has me in bewilderment. I'm not "bored," or anything like that. I'm more confused about what to do (besides finding a summer job) until fall starts. I'm at a loss. 

Anyway, the news is fairly quiet (it is a Monday, after all) so we're going to do a link day to some of the more interesting articles that I've found lately.


-- The City of Tampa applied to make it illegal for protesters to carry their LEGAL weapons... Here's what happened:

-- This article sends out an attack against Occupiers, asking the question "How many Occupiers are really in the 99%?"

-- Occupy Los Angeles is doing something that probably won't receive a lot of press coverage, but it probably should. Is your Occupy movement working with communities of color?

-- Anarchists abound throughout Occupy. Some people are afraid of them, some people applaud them. But how important are they to the movement?

-- Trans people are murdered, beaten, attacked, and turned into victims daily. This needs to stop. These people, whether you agree with them or not, have the RIGHT to LIVE.

-- Occupy the Farm wants to meet with officials tonight. They say they aren't leaving any time soon. 


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