Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Updates 5/29/12

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-- We start off today with a bit of sad news. An Occupy Yale member, Marina Keegan, died in a car accident on Saturday. Keegan fought back against Wall Street recruiters at her school, and made a name for herself in the world of activism. At age 22, she had just graduated and was preparing for a move to Brooklyn to work at the New Yorker. You can read more about her, including some of her own words, here:

-- PBS is getting in on the Occupy action. This well-written article details the hazards and confusion that surround the recording of police activity. According to the author, over 80 journalists have been arrested in Occupy protests, regardless of the letter sent out by the Department of Justice earlier this month. It is a good read that offers vital information to anyone who uses a camera or phone during a protest.

-- Anonymous India is putting a call to Occupy for Indian citizens on June 9. They are calling for protests to begin in major cities across the country on that date, in opposition to India's ban of file-sharing sites, as well as the heavy censorship on all forms of media performed by the government. They have created their own website, and are using social media forums like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to spread the word.

-- ALEC may find itself audited soon. The American Legislative Exchange Council works on laws and policies, and often receives donations from politicians and other interest groups, yet the group regularly lobbies for laws they want in place. This is beginning to concern many outside of Occupy as well, since the group only lists itself as a registered charity. A complaint has been submitted to the IRS by Common Cause. 

-- Occupy Denver, as well as Denver Police, are preparing for the Denver camping ban which is set to go into effect today. The ban was approved two weeks ago, and makes it illegal for anyone to engage in "unauthorized camping" on either public or private land. The ban carries up to a $999 fine and/or a year in jail if caught breaking it. Proponents of the law say that camping on the sidewalks causes problems for local businesses and hurts tourism. Opponents say this is a direct law against homelessness. 

-- This last article is a critical opinion piece from Al-Jazeera. The author makes valid points concerning the Afghanistan wars, the humanity of America, and even criticism of some Occupiers concerning their lack of understanding of what is happening across the ocean. You may not like what he has to say, but you have to admit, he's right about some things.


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