Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Updates 5/30/12

Hello everyone.

The news is fairly quiet today. I think a lot of people are busy being freaked out about the Miami guy eating the other guy's face in a bout of "excited delirium." I wonder if that diagnosis also counts for the guy in New York who stabbed himself in front of police and started throwing bits of flesh and intestines at them. 

Moving on...

-- Occupy Chicago took to the street last night in a rally against police brutality. The protesters are demanding compensation for the consequences they've had to deal with due to police brutalizing multiple people during the NATO summit. While the mainstream media has praised Chicago PD for the supposed restraint they showed, it is becoming more obvious that they may have simply turned their cameras away from any true "actions" taking place.

-- Occupy Albany joined clergy and other protesters to fight for a minimum wage hike in NY yesterday. The wage raise is being called "politically impossible" by Gov. Cuomo, due to special interest groups and lobbyists who are strongly against it. Opponents warn that the hike would cause layoffs and businesses to possibly close. Cuomo has said he does support the increase.

Sorry the news is so short today. It's a bit quiet out there, at least on local fronts. Thanks for reading.


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