Sunday, May 6, 2012

Updates 5/6/12

Hello everyone.

I finished my paper at roughly 3 in the morning last night, and came to a realization that set me off into tears. That paper was the last actual assignment I had to do in order to graduate. The last assignment of my undergraduate career. I'm not really sure how I feel about this. I have multiple exams to still take, but I'm mostly prepared for them, and they're not really assignments, anyway. I have this overwhelming feeling of closing a major chapter in my life, because that is exactly what I am doing. I didn't realize how heartbreaking it would be to see many of my friends going to different schools, moving to new states, returning to their home countries, etc. I'm staying here for grad school, and I will still have many of them here with me. But... It's harder than I thought.

I graduate with the first Bachelor's Degree in my family on Saturday, at 8 a.m., at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale Arena. You are all welcome to join and give me coffee. (Just kidding, I'll be wired enough that day. But if you'd like, you are welcome. Look for the girl who whips out cat ears and slams them onto her head while crossing the stage.)

On to the news. 

-- UC Berkeley officials are hoping that the Occupy the Farm protesters will voluntarily leave by midnight tonight. The two groups met on Thursday to discuss possible outcomes, but could not come to an agreement. Officials have not yet released a plan of action that they may take against Occupiers, but did say that they "have every intention of honoring our commitment to ensure the research activities are not impeded and the rule of law is maintained."

-- One of the men arrested in last week's bomb plot in Cleveland has apparent ties to Occupy, which is making officials take a closer look at the group. The man signed the lease for the warehouse where several Occupiers stay, but others on the lease say that he was simply available to sign at the time the lease was made. They are working to remove his name from the lease in order to cut ties, and stress that no money was ever given to the man. Rent went directly to the landlord, with no in-betweens.

-- I reported earlier this week that young people were claiming to be picked up by police, given drugs, and then watched as a sort of training program for officers. This article offers a view from the other side of the story. (It's important for us to hear all sides of an argument, is it not?)

-- Occupiers invaded Fond Du Lac Park yesterday to protest America's "perpetual state of war." Veterans and citizens alike joined together to release 99 red balloons, give speeches, and have marches. Protesters performed a "die-in" after some of the speeches in order to remember the over 7,000 military and 1.5 million civilian deaths since the start of the recent wars.

That's all I have time for today, everyone. I hope your day is wonderful.


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