Thursday, May 24, 2012

Updates 5/24/12

Hello everyone.

Sorry I'm pretty late on the news today. I had several important phone calls to make, and I have several more I still need to make afterward. On the plus side, I have a job interview tomorrow.

-- OWS is still angry about NYC's blatant destruction of the many books they had in their People's Library, and rightfully so. Occupiers have officially filed a lawsuit against the city, alleging almost fifty thousand dollars worth of destroyed books, computers, and other equipment as of today. Many of the books were returned to the group, but were in an unusable condition, while others still were just never returned. 

-- Occupy Oakland is protesting over the city's decision to ban all shield type structures and other items, such as hammers, poles, and paint balloons. They say they need the shields as protection from police, but the city disagrees. Officials are working on passing the ban, which would make it a misdemeanor to even be seen with any other the items mentioned during a protest. This could result in up to a $1000 fine and/or six months in jail. 

-- Recently released documents are proving to everyone what Occupiers knew all along. There is a highly coordinated effort to keep an eye on, as well as squash parts of, the Occupy movement as a whole. According to one expert, the national government is surveilling Occupy like they have never been seen before. A quote from the article says that the documents "reveal a glimpse into the interior of a vast, tentacled, national intelligence and domestic spying network that the U.S. government operates against its own people."

-- Over in London, the National Energy Board has proved that they are quite a bit afraid of Occupy. They are preparing for a hearing involving the oil sands of Alberta by making it closed to the public, an unusual step for the group. The only groups allowed into the meeting will be those who previously applied to attend. All others will be only allowed to view via live webcast.


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