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Updates 5/22/12

Hello everyone.

I'm sure if you read this blog, you probably watched some of the livestreaming that happened over the past few days. After I present some news, I have a small rant for you.

-- Occupy Wall Street held its first Feminist General Assembly last week, with other Occupy movements across the nation joining in with their own. This story was written by a woman who attended, and greatly explains the event--and why it is needed so much.

-- The police don't like being mocked, and apparently will arrest anyone who attempts to do so. Two people were arrested last Friday when they dressed up in what is described as "cartoonish" police uniforms, with duct tape lettering. One was riding a bicycle, the other a red tricycle. They were originally charged with impersonating police, but officers later realized those charges wouldn't stick, and changed them to reckless endangerment. You can watch several videos of the encounter here:

-- In this article, Progress Illinois explains why Occupiers targeted Boeing. Their reasons are many, including immoral business practices, such as building military drones for use in war, and the extreme profits they make from creating and building deadly weapons.

Rant Time.

Once again, the Corporate Media has proved to Occupy that they are both afraid of us, and controlled by something much larger than a reporter with a camera. Here are some of the most recent words and phrases I've seen in CM used to describe Occupy:

too inclusive
too small
hundreds (used when thousands are actually present)
dozens (see above)
no solid voice
no united message
hijacked by (insert random left wing group here)
going nowhere
taunting police
refuses to get involved in legitimate politics
not coordinated
connected to (insert hated group here)

Moving on OUT of the CM scene, to the smaller and lesser known "free" media, I find this:

millions around the world
united in many aspects
tormented by police
accused of (insert claim here) but...
victims of police brutality
effective in message
raising awareness
open to (insert random good idea thingy here, like gay rights, removal of class warfare, etc.)

I think it is becoming more and more blatantly obvious who has a grudge against Occupy. 

I'll leave you with some linkies that also show the differences in media forms.

By CM:

The Washington Post asks if Occupy's "all-inclusive mindset" is really the way to go:

The Daily Caller says Bill O'Reilly was "provoked" by "Occupy Terrorists." While they don't explicitly say this, they make no effort to refute his claims.

WGN says protesters are "crying police brutality" in a condescending article towards Occupy.

The Washington Post says "Occupy is going nowhere fast."

By Indy Media groups: 

IndyBay describes what it's been like in Chicago for Occupiers.

The Examiner displays some of the known goals Occupiers have, and what violence they've sustained by police in attempting to reach them.

Northwest Public Radio discusses the recent case against the photographer in NYC, and why charges got dropped. 

Al-Jazeera talks international goals, and how the US isn't really helping their own.

Lastly, Indybay brings up the exact point I'm making here with an article titled "Corporate Media Bored With Occupy--And Inequality."


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