Monday, May 14, 2012

Updates 5/14/12

Hello everyone.

I'm searching for a summer job now, to support myself until I begin school again in the fall.

Oh, Capitalism, where we work to live so we can afford to die.

We've got interesting news and articles today.

-- This is a short article accompanied by several images. The author is asking who is really spreading propaganda: The Corporate Media or Occupy? 

-- According to ABC News, Occupiers are being removed from the Gill Tract by police this morning, as is much of their equipment. While many of the protesters left last night, some stayed overnight in an attempt to fight back against UC Berkeley and the police.

-- Here's a great opinion piece concerning the use of torture, and violations of the Constitution, against Occupiers. The author of this editorial cites actual written law and explains why they believe the police have become political pawns rather than protectors. Videos are included.

-- Former Fiat workers in Sicily are fed up with how things are going, and are moving to Occupy as a show of protest. The car-maker closed down a major plant in the area back in January, leaving over two thousand workers laid off. The former employees are Occupying two banks, meaning to raise awareness of the hardships and unemployment issues in the area.


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