Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Updates 5/8/12

Hello everyone.

I think Mother Nature is freaking out this year. We had no winter, and now the weather is going crazy. Sunday was 92 degrees and dry. Yesterday was 78 degrees and extremely humid, and I mean like Georgia humid, where you step out your front door and immediately get soaked in sweat. Right now it's 65, with a high of 76, and a bit muggy again. It's MAY. Not JULY. Geez...

Also, my apologies for the late news recently. I've been "catching up" on my much neglected sleep.

On to the news:

-- The City of Chicago is making major preparations for the upcoming NATO summit. This article lists multiple closures of both businesses and roads, and discusses restrictions on airspace and waterways through that time. There are even restrictions on parking and pedestrians. 

-- The International Business Times is calling out the NYPD for what they say may have been illegal arrests last Tuesday. Apparently, protesters were told that they were breaking the law by being in a public park after hours, and that those who didn't vacate would be arrested. Twelve Occupiers were arrested for refusing to leave, but there was a problem with the situation--- Occupiers were NOT in a public park. They were on private land that is only separated from the park by a low wall, but that didn't stop officers. Police say that the arrests were all legal.

-- Occupy Raleigh has been completely dismantled, leaving only scattered debris from the former encampment behind. While the group has left the grounds for now, they say they will be returning for meetings, as well as to clean up and plant grass and other greenery in the area. Occupy Raleigh is proud of their accomplishments, and will continue to protest in other ways.

-- Back in early March, I reported that US Bank pulled their branch from the UC Davis campus in direct response to the student Occupy protests. This story isn't over yet. UC Davis has filed suit against US Bank, alleging a breach of contract. The bank signed on a ten year contract with the school in 2009, but pulled out after a group of students and one faculty member made it virtually impossible for the branch to be used. The group, known as the "Banker's Dozen," is due back in court soon concerning their efforts.

-- Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis made waves in the media when he legally protested with Occupy while wearing his uniform. Now the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police is trying to punish him for exercising his legal right to protest. The FOP is attempting to have Lewis "permanently expelled from the FOP and stripped of union benefits such as life insurance and free legal assistance." The group has filed an official grievance against Lewis, even though the retired Captain has never really been charged with anything.

-- After the Dekalb County Sheriff's Office evicted at family at gunpoint in the wee hours of the morning, Occupiers came back with an unusual tactic. One man was cited and arrested for littering and disorderly conduct, even having his van impounded as evidence, after Occupy Atlanta gathered and dumped some of the family's personal belongings on the Sheriff's lawn. The Sheriff didn't react, stating that if Occupiers wanted to come after him as a scapegoat, that was fine with him as long as no damage occurred. 


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