Saturday, May 5, 2012

Updates 5/5/12

Hello everyone. 

Today I am offering a few interesting links. Some are news, some are intriguing articles, some are accusations. 

I'm trying to finish my paper. Afterwards, we'll get back to normal. It's due Monday. Yikes.


-- The NYPD is using illegal tactics to question Occupiers with old bench warrants. The warrants are legal, but the method of execution is not.

-- This article has been making the rounds since I first saw it a few days ago. It's about time you did too. Are the police really using sexually predatory tactics against Occupiers?

-- Occupy Our Homes is not just fighting foreclosures. They're also fighting racist loan "sharks," also known as banks that give out predatory, sub-prime mortgages to targeted Black communities.

-- Is Occupy indoctrinating children to become Marxist/Anarchists? The author of this article believes so. 

-- Occupiers in Minnesota claim they were given illegal drugs by police as part of a training program. This is interesting.


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