Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Updates- May Day

Hello everyone.

It's finally here.

The media is already tearing into Occupy May Day, spreading negative stories. The Corporate Media is pinning the blame on OWS for white powder envelopes that were sent to major bank branches, even as Occupy denies involvement. The powder was non-toxic, but shut down a few banks yesterday. Written on notes inside the envelopes was "Happy May Day!" In San Francisco, Corporate Media is spinning the blame onto Occupy when an "early General Strike party" got out of hand, ending with windows being smashed and other vandalism occurring. A leaked memo shows that the NYPD are strongly expecting violence, and they are preparing for it. The six page memo is available below, in the third link. Considering that the majority of violence during marches has been instigated by police, there is little doubt that they will do the same today.

I'm linked up to receive live updates from OWS on my cell phone, so throughout the day I'll be informed. If you'd like to get live text updates on your phone text "@occupyalert" to 23559. After you subscribe, you can text "@MayDayAction" to the same number to get updates on today's events, as well as messages of support. You can text in messages of support as well. 

Here are some of the links to the stories.


Good luck out there.

Do good works for the world, and let the world see what good works can do.

Love you all,



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