Friday, August 10, 2012

Updates 8/10/12

Hello everyone.

We only have a few stories today, but one of them is so contradictory that I have to link to multiple articles, all from the same source, just to figure out what happened.

So last night, Charles sent me a video link about how police were readying themselves for the Occupy protests in downtown LA near the ArtWalk. 

This morning, I figured I would find out what went on. The first article I found was from the LA Times. It basically states that protesters chalked as police stood by, deciding that a certain amount of chalking would be allowed. They mention no problems with the event. They say that the Occupiers bused in from Oakland went around to galleries and artists, talking with them about what Occupy means. 

But let's go back in time a little bit. From the same outlet, posted two hours earlier, we find two stories about police arresting a man during the event. Here's the problem though. Assuming the man is the same in both stories, the reasons for his arrest differ. In this one, he was one of three people detained for chalking. 

In this one, however, he was arrested after fighting with a man from Oakland who criticized his chalk work. 

So which is it? It's a little strange, don't you think? Two different stories. I'm betting they are the same person because of the way the articles are written, since one had to be edited to say a man was arrested. If not, I still find it odd that the would release an article basically saying nothing happened and police were okay with it. LA Times.... Get your head on straight.

Lastly, we have an Occupy encampment being dismantled in Memphis. Officials say the camp has devolved into a "homeless encampmant," and that safety and health issues show the need for its removal. Read more here:


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