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Updates 8/3/12

Hello everyone.

Once again, I have some great helpers coming through. Charles sent me a link to an article that I had literally just finished reading. It was funny, the timing of that. Kate sent me a whole bunch of interesting info. So we're going with that stuff today. I've looked over the news for today, and most of it is rehashing previous events. 

Here we go.

-- [Charles] This article is from one of my favorite humor sites, Cracked. They are funny guys over there, and they actually back up their humorous articles with plenty of links and research. This one exposes what is truly going on at the Olympics. It's fairly funny, but somewhat shocking once you get past the first part.

The rest of these are from Kate. Yay, Kate! :)

-- After a NATO protester's case was thrown out of court for lack of probable cause, one would expect he was set free. But one would be wrong. Danny Johnson had charges refiled, and remains in jail after being denied bond. Occupy Chicago gives the full story in this note on Facebook.

-- What do you do if you are stopped by police? This palm card from the NCYLU will help you figure it out. It's downloadable as a PDF, and you can get it for your iPhone. It's provided in both English and Spanish, and can help you understand your rights should this happen to you.

-- In Lansing, MI, Occupiers are finally off the hook as all charges have been dropped against them. The activists were Occupying a city park as a protest, resulting in multiple tickets. They refused a plea deal, planning to "martyr themselves" for free speech and the First Amendment. Meet these two brave women and find out their plans here.

-- On August 1, thousands took to the streets in Montreal as the election was called. The march was "illegal," but police did not intervene, although at least 17 were arrested for throwing firecrackers. The protesters declared defiance to the Charest government and the draconian Law 78, which declares these types of gatherings illegal. Parties in opposition say that they would immediately abolish Law 78 if elected. Read more about the events here.

-- The Occupy camp at Dusseldorf in Germany was raided by police recently. The Occupation was one of the largest in Germany. They have uploaded tons of photos of both their groups and the raid to Facebook. Check them out to see what happened for yourself. 

-- Want to find out more about the educational protests happening throughout the world? Here's the place to do it. The International Student Movement is fighting against the commercialization of education, and hopes to make a free emancipatory education for all. 


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