Sunday, August 5, 2012

Updates 8/5/12

Hello everyone.

I'm starting to think that the media is a joke. I mean, I did before, and it still makes me mad, but it's getting kind of funny. The report on Anaheim, foreclosures, and other huge events, and the next day talk about how Occupy is dead. They flip-flop more than Mitt Romney on health care issues. 

On to the news.

-- [Charles] Today from 5-7:30 p.m. in NYC, a rally for peace is happening in Union Square Park to commemorate the 67th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. Called Universal Peace Day, everyone is invited to ring a bell for peace. 

-- [Charles] Have you found yourself wondering how Occupy got started? Or how and why crackdown's began? This link takes you to a YouTube video of the show "Fault Lines: History of an Occupation," which attempts to answer all those questions. (I'll be watching it in full later today myself.)

-- Many different groups are planning to head to the RNC in Tampa this month, to the tune of an expected 15,000 people. Prayer groups, Black Blocs, Anarchists, Occupiers, Planned Parenthood, CODEPINK, and Food Not Bombs are just some of the expected arrivals. This article provides descriptions of all these groups and more, including some of the plans for protests.

-- Occupy and the Tea Party agreeing on things? Who would have thought? (Me... but that's another story.) Occupiers and the Tea Party alike are agreeing not to steal copyrights and related intellectual properties in what is being called the "post-greed" or "Pro-IP" era. What is that? Have a read to find out.


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