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Updates 8/14/12

Hello everyone.

I'm taking the day off (kinda). Today's news was sent in by Kate. She works with a bunch of groups online that post information for each other, and I received this compilation email late last night from her. I looked it over and decided to post most of it in whole. Thank you Kate! (I hope you don't mind this. :) It was well-written and well-formed, and I need a break.)

I start school tomorrow, so I'm a little panicked and having difficulty focusing because of my nerves. I'll get over it in time. I may or may not post tomorrow. We'll have to see!

From Kate:

A couple more links from the Minneapolis area. The OccupyHomesMN campaign continues to keep families in their homes.http://www.occupyhomesmn.org/victory_st_paul_lawyer_saves_own_home_from_foreclosure_with_occupy_homes_mn?recruiter_id=67 and another, with the help and support of AIM: http://www.theuptake.org/2012/08/12/bank-president-to-meet-with-foreclosed-homeowner/
And from Detroit:

Jennifer Britt, Detroit Homeowner, Staves Off Eviction With Help of Occupy Detroit http://realestate.aol.com/blog/2012/08/10/jennifer-britt-detroit-homeowner-staves-off-eviction-with-help/?icid=maing-grid10|htmlws-main-bb|dl10|sec3_lnk1&pLid=191269

Int'l news: It takes a while for this kind of info to reach us, since we're our own press and not supported as the M$M, but it gets to us eventually ;)
New Zealand kicked off the #9A #Chalkupy event in solidarity with OccupyLA, as did many other locations around the globe. They've put together a slideshow of chalkupy messages from 3 continents here: http://occupysavvy.com/2012/08/10/occupy-nzs-gorgeous-a9-chalkupy-solidarity-slideshow-pics-from-3-continents/ 
Occupy Hong Kong got their marching orders from the courts on 13 August, but vow to stay: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/08/13/us-hsbc-occupy-court-idUSBRE87C06Z20120813
This video comes from Glasgow, Scotland. Here's the message that was received w/ it: "The City of Glasgow demonstration ant facist demo co-insided with the coalition resistance to cuts" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_sg5Mld5Jw Some " viewer discretion advised" so I leave it to your judgment. Here's a short article to accompany the video: http://glasgowdefencecampaign.blogspot.com/2012/07/camerons-footsoldiers-no-shame.html (I Googled for this one since I wasn't able to confirm a date for the direct action from the video.)
This link isn't particularly Occupy-related, but it strikes a chord with me: http://woodwynnfarms.org/huffington-post-b-c-homeless-farm-ordered-to-evict-campers 
And in the spirit of #GlobalSolidarity, I'm sharing this video with you <3 I'm marking the calendar for 12-12-12:

Kate always signs #GlobalSolidarity, which is my wish to all of you as well. 

Contact me at elvishbutterfly@hotmail.com if needed.



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